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Flexible working time model for perfect work-life integration

up2parts GmbH has abolished the rigid working week from Monday to Friday and replaced it with a flexible working time model - with the greatest possible flexibility and the option of choosing between a 4- and 5-day week. The experiment is scheduled to run for 12 months and is even being scientifically monitored.

CEO Marco Bauer wants to break new ground with his software company up2parts. He has always been a technological pioneer and innovation driver in the manufacturing industry, and now he wants to set an example in terms of modern working life as well.

More personal responsibility

With the new working time model, which was developed after weeks of discussion and close consultation with the workforce, Bauer wants to pave the way for perfect work-life integration. Making working life more flexible is an important concern for him - but at the same time, so is employees' personal responsibility.

Flexible 36-hour week

He associates the reduction of weekly working hours to 36 hours with a clear expectation. "People need to get busy using their time wisely," Bauer says. Under this premise, he says he can grant his team a great deal of freedom.  

Focus Friday

"Whether you work four days a week to have a long weekend, use Friday for further training, or still do your tasks classically between Monday and Friday is up to everyone," he explains. There is only one basic rule: internal meetings are not desired on Fridays. The goal behind this is to be able to work on Fridays in a focused and undisturbed manner. A so-called "Focus Friday.

Scientific monitoring

Marco Bauer wants to draw a conclusion after 12 months and put the innovative model to the test. Then it will be seen whether it has had the desired effects. Ibrahim Kaçmaz (M.A.) from the OTH Amberg-Weiden is providing scientific support for the experiment and will write his doctoral thesis on the "Effects of the 4-day week on employee satisfaction and motivation.

Anyone interested in a career at up2parts can find all the information and the current vacancies here on the careers website.