up2parts cockpit

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Production-relevant component data available everywhere: Are you still searching, or actually finding? up2parts cockpit is the central database for component information, including a 3D viewer. Long searches for CAD models, drawings, work plans and CAM programs are a thing of the past.

  • Workers at the machines can search for and view component information at any time — even on night or weekend shifts — making for efficient production
  • Use our geometric similarity search to automatically compare historical datasets and directly adopt existing work plans for similar components
  • Use the feasibility analysis to identify and visualize production-relevant information, such as thin-walled elements, to design production more efficiently and prevent errors

up2parts cockpit delivers production-relevant data at any time.
30 days free trial

up2parts cockpit: Your benefits

Start automating your production and processes today: up2parts cockpit is your central storage location for component and production information. It is the basis for using up2parts calculation and autoCAM.

Central database

All production-relevant data (CAD models, drawings, CAM programs, tool data) are stored transparently in one place

CAD models with tolerance information

Set your company up for the future by linking 3D models with tolerance information (PMI: Product Manufacturing Information)

No limits

Your data is available always and everywhere, with no storage limits!


The heart of up2parts cockpit is the 3D viewer for visualizing your CAD models

Integration into existing systems

Through seamless integration, up2parts cockpit can be used to exchange data with production and merchandise management systems in real time

Compatible for tablets

up2parts cockpit runs trouble-free in production, e.g. on our IP65-certified Rough Tablets, specially designed for harsh production environments


Focus on the worker

up2parts cockpit was developed especially for the worker. The worker often lacks data and information at the machine. Through e.g. Rough Tablets (specially developed for harsh production environments), any worker can get order and component information at any time. Among other things, the Rough Tablet contains a scanner for production cards to get more information on the order.


Feasibility analysis to avoid errors

The Design for Manufacturing (DFM) check analyzes your CAD model for the component in relation to geometry and feasibility. The results are visualized on the component and critical features are pointed out. For example, the feasibility warnings include things like drill holes three times as deep as their diameter, to ensure smooth work preparation and production.


Find similar components in seconds

Using the geometric similarity search, you can find the same or similar components in seconds. The similarity search starts by uploading a new CAD model. All available components are compared to the newly uploaded CAD model. The results are displayed in order of decreasing similarity. Historically created datasets from the results list, such as validated work plans, can be directly adopted for the new component.

up2parts cockpit

Manufacturing-relevant component data available everywhere

up2parts cockpit and other up2parts products can also be used with 2D drawings. Upon request, we will create 3D models from 2D drawings for you, with or without tolerance information.

You can insert the data into up2parts yourself. If you need assistance in importing existing data, we’re happy to help.

You can connect up2parts to your ERP system yourself using our REST-API. Custom solutions are also possible — just talk to us.

You can also get the necessary hardware from us, because we’re a sales partner — just let us know. The tablet’s rechargeable battery is designed to last two shifts.

Our software is browser-based, requiring no physical installation anywhere.

Your data are hosted by Microsoft Azure Europe, and therefore have GDPR-compliant protection at all times. With permanent SSL/TSL encryption for data transfer and server-side encrypted data storage (FIPS 140-2 standard), we guarantee you 100% data security at all times.