up2parts cloud basic

The digital turbo for your production planning

With the up2parts cloud basic you can lay the digital foundation for a sustainable increase in efficiency without costly downloads, time-consuming installations or complicated training! 

Your company-specific database in up2parts cloud basic is the optimal basis for automated processes and AI-based software solutions for your production – create a digital image of your technical business reality yourself. Whether it’s current hourly rates or the dimensions of the installation space of your machines: every detail of your production reality is taken into account. With up2parts cloud basic you identify the potential of your production.


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Geometric similarity search makes your job easier

Our geometric similarity search brings speed into your component management. Find identical or similar components automatically and in seconds. Also manage and maintain your master data, such as items, drawings, 3D models, raw materials, customers, machines and workstations: centrally and in unlimited quantities. You always maintain the overview with up2parts cloud basic.

Graphic and software screenshots: up2parts cloud basic geometric Similarity Search for geometrically similar parts

The digital image of your processes

Digitally map your manufacturing plant and create the best conditions for real efficiency gains in production planning and quoting. At the same time, you preserve your team's accumulated expertise in digital form. 

Digital production planning – the easy way

Thanks to the simple and intuitive usability of up2parts cloud basic, there's no need for an expensive IT expert or consultant in your manufacturing plant to sustainably benefit from the advantages of digital production planning. With just a few mouse clicks, you can assign roles and rights within your organization and bring together all process participants digitally wherever their location – our secure cloud solution makes it possible. 

Graphic with software screenshot: digital production planning with up2parts cloud basic