up2parts calculation

Real increase in efficiency for production planning

Do you want to put an end to tedious paperwork and endless spreadsheets for your work plan creation and price calculation? Reduce the processing time for a quotation to a few minutes?
With up2parts calculation, you can automate work preparation and create concrete schedules and component cost estimates up to 80% faster. This lets you create four times as many quotes in the same time and increase your success rate.
Your individual artificial intelligence keeps an eye on all parameters, such as utilization and optimum throughput of your production, the complexity of the component and current material prices.

Work plans and quotes within seconds

With up2parts calculation you get an automatic work plan and calculation proposal in five seconds. This puts you a decisive step ahead of the competition. Your AI brings together the experts in your manufacturing plant in one software and accelerates the processes in your production planning to the maximum.

Graphic and software screenshot: work plans and quotes within seconds with up2parts calculation

Your AI gets better every day

The more often you use up2parts calculation for your production planning, the more precise your individual AI becomes. Each calculation provides a more comprehensive data set. Your customized AI will expand its knowledge of work scheduling from the very first calculation. After ten calculations, production times are adapted to your specific process. The effort for the user is minimal: Without tedious and additional data acquisition, only by entering, for example, setup and run times, you train the algorithm during your daily production routine virtually on the fly.


The future will be even more convenient: We’re working on interfaces to various production systems to fully automate the return flow of this information.

Intuitive and limitless

The operation of up2parts calculation for production planning is absolutely intuitive and requires no explanation. Create an account and get started is the motto. And after that, there are no limits: The number of calculations and offers is unrestricted.

up2parts calculation: intuitive usability and limitless quoting

Highest data security

Your data belongs exclusively to you. Neither up2parts GmbH nor our partner companies or other customers get insight into your stored company, machine and component information. We guarantee it. Our cloud is subject to the highest security standards.