AI-based software – the "up2parts" principle

Our algorithm is the heart of up2parts. It combines component information from 3D models with existing processes and production know-how along the entire production process. Our AI-based software continuously trains your custom artificial intelligence to perfectly match your operation's production portfolio. This is how up2parts gets the optimum out of your production.

The end of administrative tasks for your production

  • This is how your company-specific AI is created

    By licensing the up2parts software you receive a basic intelligence from us, the so-called "core of AI". This reliably analyzes general component specifications (the "WHAT” on your component, e.g. component size, holes).


    When you use the software in your real company environment with machines, production times, etc., you add a permanently growing “shell” (the specifics of the component) to the program "core". This preserves the experience and expertise of your company and your employees. Your company-specific AI begins to learn more about your processes from the very first schedule and steadily becomes smarter.


    Every day, your customized AI with a core and a strong shell will help you preserve your expertise, optimize the quality of your cost estimates independently of your employees, and create quotes even more systematically and quickly. All in all, you increase the competitiveness of your manufacturing plant – thanks to the AI-based software from up2parts.

    Graphic: up2parts - development of company specific ai
  • Software-as-a-Service: flexible and always up2date

    Using our AI-based software is simple, fair and transparent. Thanks to our simple licensing model you only pay for the software components you really need.


    A flexible role system allows you to activate your employees* only for the products they actually work with.


    up2parts is cloud-based. This means you can get started immediately after registration, access it anytime and from anywhere, and save yourself the hassle of installations and product updates. With up2parts you are always up2date and benefit immediately and without additional costs from our constant product improvements. 


Data security comes first

Cloud solutions are the basis for innovative technologies of the present and the future. Data security plays a decisive role for us.

Hardware failures, data loss, storage capacity bottlenecks, tedious maintenance and lengthy updates – all yesterday's news. The modern and secure cloud solution from up2parts, means the current status of our developments is available to you at all times. In addition, the storage capacity is unlimited and your data is always securely accessible.

The most important thing for us is the security and integrity of your data. That is why we meet the highest safety standards for you:

  • Your data is hosted at Microsoft Azure Europe and is therefore protected at all times in compliance with the GDPR.

  • With permanent SSL/TSL encryption for data transmission and server-side encrypted data storage (FIPS 140-2 standard), we guarantee one hundred percent data security at all times.

  • Our promise: The data of our customers are strictly separated from each other. Only your individual, company-specific AI uses your data for continuous improvement. Neither up2parts GmbH nor our partner companies or other customers will have access to your data. Your data belongs exclusively to you.