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  • Dmg Mori Invests In Ai Based Software Solutions From Up2parts In The Manufacturing Environment

DMG MORI invests in AI-based software solutions from up2parts in the manufacturing environment

With a strategic investment in the software company up2parts, which specializes in artificial intelligence (AI), DMG MORI intends to acquire important know-how in the area of digitalization of manufacturing processes. Among other things, the AI-based geometric component analysis of up2parts enables simple and fast work plan generation and price calculation for individual components - a digital revolution in the manufacturing industry.

"The AI-based software solutions from up2parts create the basis for digitized manufacturing. 3D design data can now be quickly captured and manufacturing times calculated in a short time. A huge advantage for our predominantly medium-sized customers: Previously disorganized processes are standardized and professionalized," says Christian Thönes, CEO of the DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT.

From a manufacturing to a software company 

"With DMG MORI, we get a partner that enables us to access the international market. In addition, as a start-up, we can develop in an agile manner. We offer manufacturing companies a complete AI-based, automated value creation process - starting with batch size 1," says Marco Bauer, Managing Director of BAM GmbH, from which up2parts emerges. Since 2017, 25 software developers have already been working on the AI solutions for uniform, automated and professional manufacturing processes. The number of employees is expected to double in the short term.

Self-learning AI for the manufacturing industry

With up2parts, DMG MORI is expanding its portfolio of digital offerings. The focus is on AI-based optimization and acceleration of procurement and manufacturing processes - from quotation generation and order entry to work preparation and CAM programming to machine planning. The core of the software solution is the AI, which analyzes the geometry of each component within a few seconds based on machine learning algorithms and human know-how. The result is a concrete work plan as well as the price for manufacturing the component. With each component, the AI "learns", optimizing its algorithms independently and continuously.

AI-based solutions automate and optimize entire processes

Small and medium-sized companies are to be supported with a complete AI-based, automated value creation process. By digitizing orders, highly efficient production is possible, and this is possible from as little as 1 piece. Bauer and Thönes agree: "The possibilities and associated benefits for automating and optimizing manufacturing processes are immense."